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Raspberrie rescue

raspberrie patch

We have been so busy with the farm store and café renovations that we haven’t been keeping on top of all the weeding so we took a day to rescue the raspberrie rows.


Setting up shop

cash counter

We are using as much salvaged materials to renovate the farm store and café, this was the latest project, a cash counter for the farm store.

Pigs on the Move

freerange pigs

Our sows and their 20 piglets were moved to there 7 acre grazing area.

Plenty of Plants to Pot!


15,000 seedlings are ready to pot on to bigger pots.I was hoping to wait for the cold snap to be over but they are looking a little crowded.It’s going to be a busy few days!

Greenhouse Covered!


We got our first greenhouse covered and ready for this season’s seedlings. Thanks to my favourite boys and girl!